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                  RED HOT CARGO 
Private Air Cargo Transport Planes
  Freight airline bases across the USA, Canada & Mexico

When you Absolutely Positively Cannot Wait for an Overnight Delivery Service

U.S. Toll Free Phone:  888-JET-LOCATE  (888-538-5622)
Direct Line / International Phone:  972-591-3210
Email us at:


Red Hot Cargo?

                Do you have rush, oversized or high value freight?
                                Hot shot truck delivery too slow? Fly it on a hot shot air transport plane!


      Red Hot Cargo will rush your freight on an air transport plane.  An air transport aircraft can be the fastest way to transport your Red Hot Cargo air freight. Prop and jet transport aircraft are standing by 24/7, 365 days a year to carry your important air freight.  You will find air transport planes scattered across the USA, Canada & Mexico. There could be a cargo airplane based near you. Thousands of airports worldwide enable a cargo plane from private air freight airline to rush your Red Hot Cargo near your destination.

     Transport planes rush tons of Just in Time freight. After the air transport of oil & gas equipment, disaster relief aid, automotive manufacturer line down parts, hand grenades, oversized super computers, radio active medicine, violent convicted criminals, and millions in cash from the Federal Reserve, we'd like to know  .  .  .  what is your need for speed?

Need an air transport cargo plane?

Red Hot Cargo anytime:

U.S. Toll Free Phone: (888) JET-LOCATE (888-538-5622)

International / Direct Line: 972-591-3210



Red Hot Cargo

             Air Transport Planes at Various Types of Work

                                                                                                        Aircraft transport mining & construction supplies

 Diamonds & Jewels Rush Safely by Air Transport
                                                                                                         Air Transport Cargo Charters of Precious Metals  

Jet transport aircraft rush disaster relief around the world

                                                                                                        Some places are easier to reach with a small cargo airplane

 An air cargo transport jet can deliver air freight worldwide

                                                                                                     Air cargo aircraft transport oil & gas equipment in a rush

An air freight plane has rushed performing geese to a circus
                                                                                                               We've thrown a seat in a small cargo jet for a                 
                                                                                                          United States Congressman in a rush to make a vote            

Transport aircraft rush fruit and veggies to keep them fresh

                                                                                                       On special occasions such as Valentines, roses and other
                                                                                                        flowers by the millions are flown on jet transport aircraft

 Valuable artwork in a rush to a new gallery opening will
  often fly and be more secure using airplane transport

                                                                                                         Electronics companies delivering to some countries can                                                                                                              avoid the danger of highways bandits in a cargo airplane

 A Cargo Airplane can rush Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)

                                                                                                 Air transport planes save lives and homes of people and animals

Jet transport aircraft rush auto parts to major car makers

                                                                                                     The Federal Reserve and many banks use cargo aircraft to    
                                                                                                     transport cash to other banks and governments worldwide

Air ambulance planes provide urgent patient relocation
 and air cargo transport planes rush organ donations

                                                                                                 Arial photographers use air transport planes to film wildlife,
                                                                                                     movie production, real estate, construction and more

                            There are many others!  Red Hot Cargo would like to know - what's your need for speed?



                                                                              Need an air transport plane?

                                                                              Call Red Hot Cargo!

                                                  888-Jet-Locate (888-538-5622) Toll Free from the United States

                                                              972-591-3210 Direct Line / International Callers

                                                                       Email us at:


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