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Which Air Transport Plane is Best for the Job?

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Getting the best air transport aircraft for the job is a fluid business and available air cargo planes zip around like square dance partners.  Several factors drastically affect availability, selection and pricing when requesting a prop or jet transport aircraft.  It’s absolutely critical to gather as much detailed information as possible.

 Here are the essentials:

  • Where is the air transport pickup and delivery (U.S. zip codes if in the U.S.)?
  • What are the exact dimensions and weights of the air transport freight?
  • When is the air transport freight available and what’s the deadline?
  • Any hazardous material or dangerous goods to go on the air transport plane?

Have your customer ask their customer: 

  • Is there flexibility in the amount of air freight to go on the air transport aircraft?  Often a small amount can tide the consignee over until the scheduled truck can arrive. 
  • Are the skids scheduled for air transport actually a stack of boxes on flat pallets?  Can they be unstacked to go through the narrow door of a smaller (cheaper) aircraft?
In general, the bigger & faster the air transport airplanes are - the more expensive to operate.   From the experience of thousands of air transport plane flights, 90% of the time there is something that can be done to reduce costs.  Yes, you have a DC-8 load on that trailer, but would a smaller jet transport aircraft with 4 skids hold the plant over twelve more hours until the regularly scheduled truck arrives with the remainder? It might save $30,000. Can your skid of boxes be unstacked to fit in a smaller cargo airplane? You might save $3,000 or $4,000. Having an exact description of your RED HOT CARGO  air freight will help you find the best air transport aircraft for the job.

Next, look for the slowest air transport airplane that will arrive safely before your deadline.  Every once in while, a propeller driven air cargo plane near the shipper might hand over the air freight sooner (not to mention less expensively) than bringing a faster cargo jet from a distance away.  Sometimes a small air transport plane can move a few hundred pounds just a bit more expensively an expedited hot shot truck.

It costs less, as a rule, when an air transport aircraft flies a shorter distance for positioning or returning to base (deadheading).  One-ways or back-hauls are a win - win for client and the air transport plane operator.

888-JET-LOCATE  (888-538-5622)

56 to the top of the Falcon 20 cargo area

                                     Call for help now: 888-JET-LOCATE  (888-538-5622)

Red Hot Cargo will rush freight on a private cargo aircraft.   An air transport plane can provide the fastest way to transport your Red Hot Cargo. Prop & jet transport aircraft are standing by 24/7, 365 days a year to carry your important freight.  Air transport planes are based across the USA, Canada & Mexico. Thousands of airports worldwide enable a cargo plane from an air freight airline to rush your Red Hot Cargo to where it needs to be.

Transport planes rush a lot of Just In Time freight. After the air transport of oil & gas equipment, disaster relief aid, automotive manufacturer line down parts, hand grenades, over-sized super computers, radioactive medicine, and millions in cash from the Federal Reserve,  we’d like to know .  .  .  what is your need for speed?
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